Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Civil Information(ing) The 98% Solution!

by Robin Hordon

At this stage of our country, we have two major parties: The Republicans, and The Republicans dressed in blue drag...and when the blue suits come off, these fake democrats are standing there in red Armani underwear bought for them by the very same corporations who have purchased, and now fully own the Republican Party. Its just the way it is...John Perkins calls it the "Corporatocracy".

But, they do not have enough votes to stay atop for too much longer.

The hard truth is that only 2% of this country runs, finances, profits and controls this country, and THAT is why they have had to hack the voting machines for the last 15-20 years. In the end it will be The 98% Solution" that straightens out this ship of unstate. "The 98% Solution" is where those now RULED by the 2% in charge, will eventually regain control of our own country by peacefully, non-confrontationally, and continuously becoming our own media, becoming our own educators, becoming our own activists, and becoming our own political forces. This process was best put by the "non-confrontational" folks within WAC-Seattle where the word, "PURGE" came up regarding what to do with our current political leaders.

And this is where the real long term influence, [for centuries to come as far as I am concerned], of the 9/11 Truth Movement is making a the biggest difference of all...EVER!

The 9/11 Truth Movement is the vanguard of modern day activism, of modern day public information dissemination, and of modern day "personalization" of the Internet. We personalize the keyboards and computer screens because we are out in the streets doing so many one-on-ones...we are bringing "faces and people" to the billions of information bites available in the web world.

This is why it is so important to think well ahead of any emotional, confrontational, and aggressive actions and activities when in public. WE are the face of modern activism, and it works a lot better with a smile and a nice hello. And WE are the face of courageous patriots who want their country back. And WE are the face of the unending search for truth and justice. And WE have the world's most volatile and difficult event to educate the world about. And WE...are actually doing this...a bunch of turtles seducing folks into a rabbit hole. I think that one of the world's oldest living creatures is a turtle...don't know the life span of a rabbit...but I know who is winning!

Of course, we could change the original tactics [peaceful-informational] while in public that got the 9/11TM to where it is as some want to do now. We could do what the peace movements did in the 60s...confront disobedient as a daily staple of public conduct...slap-dash GOON squads together to get in the faces of the 2% who rule us...and off-put the very people who we want to join our cause-our fellow citizens. We certainly could drive regular people away from our amazing journey...just like the "disobedients" and "non-violencers" and "confronters" did in the LAST CENTURY...some 40+ years ago.

And how did that go by the way?...hmmm...the peace movement...40 years of work...more war and militarization now than then...progressives at the top levels of the peace movements...hmmm...perhaps not the best model to emulate, but we COULD still do it! And some are.

But really, I think that its best to to what the original 9/11 Truthers did getting us up to "The 36% Solution". And that is to educate, to inform to meet and greet...and to activate some of the the 98% of the people out here. [Well, there is about 25% of those hopeless citizens identified by John Dean, and we have to simply ignore them whenever they stand up on their hind legs..]. We should continue to let information and truth seeking do the work within the overall folks who are at the tail end of the tail.

The Progressive Left...a troubled clan of folks many of whom hide who they really are...

In 2000, this country sent a "new" combination of politicians to WDC to protect us and serve our chosen needs as a new governing body. They failed totally, and therefore they are ALL guilty in this failure. So, when you find that the progressive left is pushing the 9/11 Truthers and our movement away, its because if they DID create an honest investigation, funded it, made it totally independent, and abided by its findings, many would be found guilty.

When someone a few weeks ago stated about politicians in WDC that "they all know about the deep aspects of the truth surrounding the events on 9/11"...that conclusion is quite correct. Maybe these folks in "The 2% Ruling Class" do not know all the intricacies that we do [certainly some do], BUT without any doubt, they do know that 9/11 happened on THEIR WATCH. They also fully know that almost all of them have military and big corporate money in their bank accounts.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is the quintessential model of truth seeking and informing the public about important issues that need to be addressed in this country. And it will be far more effective without using the attitudes of confrontation so soundly proven to be a failure in fourty years of peace movement activities.

And as a reference...out of the 60s came the environmental movement, the women's rights movement, the anti-nuke movement, and the civil rights movement...and they are still making either good, or OK progress of some kind. Why? Its because they have never stopped educating the public and establishing a political base to help shape the political landscape...usually in civil in high schools and churches [hint].

Its being CIVIL BABY!

I'm into being the change that one wants to be... its a blast being in public, in being civil, and getting more and more people get to hang out together.

That's where we will build up to "The 98% Solution" be cool, lets be informative, lets be civil, lets be our own media, lets ignore those media whores, lets be very, very thoughtful before we act and think long term, and lets make some great friends for our future.

Love, Peace and Progress with:


Robin Hordon

(posted on behalf of Robin, who will be posting here soon)

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