Monday, March 31, 2008

9-11 Research Advocates Civility

"Given the high visibility of the websites,, and, it is not surprising that their URLs would be turning up in many places as a result of entirely independent efforts. We commend the work of individuals to promote these websites and thereby increase the reach of the information they contain. At the same time, we urge people to undertake such promotion in a way that is respectful and intelligent.

9-11 Research has received several complaints from ungrateful recipients of literature mentioning it. We even received a report of graffiti spelling out the companion site It is tempting to think that the urgency of the message justifies intrusive campaigning methods. However, such methods are likely to be counterproductive. We recommend handing out literature, such as we provide here, as the best way of distributing it.

In early 2006 we became aware of a number of incidents connecting promotion of these websites with militance and vulgarity. We strongly discourage such tactics and note that they are counterproductive to our educational mission. We describe some of the incidents we have learned of on pages with specific disclaimers. "

(Jim Hoffman)

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