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9/11 TRUTH is a PEOPLE'S Peace Movement...

In reference to Howard Zinn's recent comments regarding 9/11 Truth in Montreal

I had absolutely no emotional reaction when witnessing the events on 9/ only comment was "Oh, today is the day...".

In some humanistic ways I'm sorry to state the above, but in my lifetime of observing our government ruthlessly killing people for their financial desires, [especially after being fired by Reagan, ostricized by my country people, and witnessing the deaths of perhaps a thousand air travellers due to the FAA running a deficient aviation system {Air Florida and the 14th Street Bridge in WDC}, upon order from the WH, similar to EPA-air quality], and knowing about all the continuous flow of other dark actions that both care NOTHING about human lives other than those in the RULING CLASS, and to serve to develop their EMPIRES, I can also sadly state that I understand Zinn's position...and its certainly elitist, and deeply hypocritical to his life's body of work.

But, before going on, and with the exception of one "statement before the question" that was a bit too long, this action by 9/11 Montreal was flat out fantastic and serves as an excellent example that we are getting better all the time at dealing with this level of our society.

Zinn, Derschowitz, Chomsky and many others of such backgrounds have their histories and legacies attached to supressing the events surrounding 9/11...NOT because of the events themselves, but because the events of 9/11 and our amazing research into them, get ordinary people into the new web-based Rabbitt Hole of historical research, analysis and understanding of this world. These "newly revealed" histories are either opposite of their conclusions, or the new techniques of inquiry will eventually serve to replace their efforts to decipher history in the future. I mean, how many think differently of Chomsky now in comparison to what they felt of him a mere eight years ago? The web world has leveled the informational flow and perhaps even the intellectual playing fields of life. This group is OLD, set in their ways, defending their live's works which have, in part, been created on revised history, and perhaps is now exposing some hidden agendas. But I do not worry about them as they do not worry about me...I am doing what I am doing beause I believe in the goodness of the eyes of The Ruling Class, this woud be the "commoner".

Of ALL the histories of governmental murder, abuse and financial malfeasances through my 45 "conscious" years, the events of 9/11 are BY FAR the best opportunity to get the average citizen to SEE something about their own government's corporatocratic and militaristic behaviors that, through Operation Mockingbird, and its ensuing copycats, have always been able to: "contain", or "frame", or "explain", or "rationalize", or "nationalistic-ize", in ways that got these criminals off the hooks each and every time.

Not so with the 9/11 Truth Movement...a PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT! I think that the 9/11TM is the most important movement that has ever existed in this country. Not because of where we are right now, and not because we may or may not get to the "Truth" behind the events of 9/11, but because we have regenerated the idea that Truth seeking is a good thing...that becoming informed is a good thing...that NOT trusting corporatocracy and coprorate media [and alternative medias] is a good thing...that being skeptical about politicians and their lies is a good thing...and hopefully, that changing our 60s-70s ways and becoming more involved in our own self-governance is a NECCESSARY thing.

There are new tools out here and the old guard KNOWS it is in deep trouble because the youth of today are far more adept at using them than the old longtooths themselves. And in some "larger view" ways, the youth of today are wiser and more onjective regarding world perspectives and "life's priorities" while in their "more informed" mid-20s than this OLD GUARD is in their mid-70s and mid-80s. Its an interesting thing that's going on...and it has skipped an entire generation...the 60s-70s activist generation...go figure! the revolution that the 9/11 Truth Movement is leading down the road for civilization! We have taken typical black ops designed to accomplish the "usual" to the people, and exposed them like no other black op has EVER been exposed. The 9/11 Truth Movement is the new sheriff in town...and we are passing out our "new info-age armaments" to the people saying...look for yourself and consider throwing these bums out...ALL OF THEM...and lets make some BIG changes from below!

Of the following issues, what has not been foisted upon us, or made worse by the concepts of, the support of, and the actions of war?

...the control of us by international financial structures...
...the fourth estate not being responsible to keep the public informed...
...human healthcare systems diminished in lieu of human DEATHCARE systems flourishing...
...the abuse of, and the pollution of, the planet...regarding both chemical and nuclear in weaponry...
...the continued subservance of females on the planet as less than equals...too busy fighting...have babies..

I'm sure I'm missing a few here...however...IF...

We become our OWN MODERN PEACE MOVEMENT...we will eventually get around the deeply compromised established anti-war organizations and other similar blockages, and tap into the better natures and objectives of the avergage person on this planet. Then, we can as a collective, do something about not only the short list noted above, but millions of other issues that "The Ruling Class" has been keeping away from our "prowess of solutions" for centuries. After all: "We can't handle the TRUTH!" Remember?

Its War and Peace Baby!...and in no time of history has there EVER been a better opprtunity, nor a better set of tools, human and otherwise, to get all the way back to the very foundations of the problems set into place centuries ago. THIS is why the Peace Organizations, as well as many activities within the 9/11 Truth Movement have been deeply COINTELPROED. Its BECAUSE of the amazingly powerful upside for revolution and change being presented by, and powered by, the 9/11 Truth Movement. If ever the peace movements get their act together, grow up, accept that they have been hacked for three decades, get laptops, have their grandchildren teach the how to use them, get on board into THIS century...then...The Ruling Class is in DEEP trouble...indeed. They know fuels their cointelpro ops...

So, the Zinn's of the world are OBVIOUSLY in the middle of being left behind...especially when one looks at how special and vital the likes of Peter Dale Scott and other's in the same generation who have "kept up with, embrace, and are speaking out about" this sordid history...the attacks of 9/11/2001. The Griffins, Peter Dale Scotts and so many others of that generation are growing right along with us...they are not drying on the vine like the Zinns and Chomskys.

From my view, the only real positive that will ever come from dealing with these dinosaurs is to get them on the record which, in the end, will show that over the years, they have become PART of the problem and not part of the solution.

Our job is to inform the ordinary? people IN SPITE of all these established barriers...and we can do it...UNLESS...

...unless we make the very same mistake that the activists of the 60s-70s made...and that is to complain to the "hiearchy of control" hoping to change their minds and then for them to act legislatively in our behalf. This is FOLLY!

The "Ruling Class" has to have their collectivised power reduced RADICALLY...we shoud decentralize our lives...people should become more involved in ourown governance by being constantly skeptical and observant.

And the ONLY way that "The Ruling Class" can be mitigated is by educating and empowering the people to act in their own behalfs and in spite of The Ruling Class.

Consequently, our work at bullhorning empty building...and hoping beyond all hope that IF we just get one "biggy" in academia or in the media to "flip" onto ourside, then everything will be better and we will then have "won" nothing but a remake of a calamitous mistake made by many generations of activists before us...most noteably the 60s-70s peace activists.

The ultimate truth is that if we want a better world WE, the citizens have to continuously work towards it...there are NO VACATIONS in making a better world. And if anyone knows any peace activists from the 60s-70s, or those who have been indoctruinated into the same "zombie mindset", it might be good to ask them into THIS century, head them to a laptop, and suggest that they END their vacations.

At least Zinn has stated what I'd like to hear regarding a new investigation...let ten solid citizens be assigned this task...and this is a good thing. For us to expect anything different from the majority of this generation, OR from representatives or "explainers" of the history of "The Ruling Class" is, I think, quite naive.

Additionally, we ourselves stand in hypocrisy when we scream aloud about the Zinns of the world state that there are "extreemists and zealots" in the 9/11 Truth Movement! How can we yap at him when we know about the Haupts, the Reynolds, the Fetzers and so many others who approach the Zinns as often if not more than WE approach the Zinns. We have thrown these nutcases away because we are more informed about the facts...these elders have not been inclined to do such research. Someday, they will regret this and we should simply take the position that they remain uninformed.

Just think about the OUTRAGEOUS statements now having been made by Chomsky and Zinn...basically "Who cares!"

YIKES...nuff said about them I'd say.

Believeing in the 9/11 Truth Movement is why I perform CI...Civil Informationing as often as I can...its the citizenry who are the ONLY ones in position to create the changes that we seek. PLEASE follow David Ray Griffin's advice here...STEP UP the information flow...STEP UP and improve the professionalized pressure for our "TOP TEN" investigators, STEP UP doing our deep research and doing what we do, and STEP UP 9/11 Truth Movement activities because the political environment is better now than it has ever been to keep the Truth flowing. Obama has stated he wants to hear opposing opinions...lets take him up on it...metaphorically speaking. If Obama says he is more open to listening, the perhaps citizens will be more open to listening. Obama's a tool...our success surely is not in his hands. Throw the BUMS out...and replace them with good citizens who in turn will be thrown out if they sour.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is revolutionizing revolution only IF we do not depend upon these academic and political relics, and only IF we do not repeat the mistakes from the past.

Take two hours out of your lives...see "Sir!, No Sir" for an hour, think about if for an hour, recognize that all the alleged successes of the "marching stuff" was a psy-op put into place by Nixon and his gang so as to WASTE all our time and also depend upon the hiearchy of power flowing into WDC to make changes. We are NOW on a far, far better track for revolution and we must avoid going backwards as happened after the 60s-70s. I just do not see how we can be successful by depending upon the Zinns, Chomskys, corporate media, and some allegedly "alternative media" to solve our problems and to reach our goals.

Its US BABY...and onto OUR FUTURE...which WE WILL SHAPE!

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon

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