Thursday, December 4, 2008

9/11 TRUTH is a PEOPLE'S Peace Movement...

In reference to Howard Zinn's recent comments regarding 9/11 Truth in Montreal

I had absolutely no emotional reaction when witnessing the events on 9/ only comment was "Oh, today is the day...".

In some humanistic ways I'm sorry to state the above, but in my lifetime of observing our government ruthlessly killing people for their financial desires, [especially after being fired by Reagan, ostricized by my country people, and witnessing the deaths of perhaps a thousand air travellers due to the FAA running a deficient aviation system {Air Florida and the 14th Street Bridge in WDC}, upon order from the WH, similar to EPA-air quality], and knowing about all the continuous flow of other dark actions that both care NOTHING about human lives other than those in the RULING CLASS, and to serve to develop their EMPIRES, I can also sadly state that I understand Zinn's position...and its certainly elitist, and deeply hypocritical to his life's body of work.

But, before going on, and with the exception of one "statement before the question" that was a bit too long, this action by 9/11 Montreal was flat out fantastic and serves as an excellent example that we are getting better all the time at dealing with this level of our society.

Zinn, Derschowitz, Chomsky and many others of such backgrounds have their histories and legacies attached to supressing the events surrounding 9/11...NOT because of the events themselves, but because the events of 9/11 and our amazing research into them, get ordinary people into the new web-based Rabbitt Hole of historical research, analysis and understanding of this world. These "newly revealed" histories are either opposite of their conclusions, or the new techniques of inquiry will eventually serve to replace their efforts to decipher history in the future. I mean, how many think differently of Chomsky now in comparison to what they felt of him a mere eight years ago? The web world has leveled the informational flow and perhaps even the intellectual playing fields of life. This group is OLD, set in their ways, defending their live's works which have, in part, been created on revised history, and perhaps is now exposing some hidden agendas. But I do not worry about them as they do not worry about me...I am doing what I am doing beause I believe in the goodness of the eyes of The Ruling Class, this woud be the "commoner".

Of ALL the histories of governmental murder, abuse and financial malfeasances through my 45 "conscious" years, the events of 9/11 are BY FAR the best opportunity to get the average citizen to SEE something about their own government's corporatocratic and militaristic behaviors that, through Operation Mockingbird, and its ensuing copycats, have always been able to: "contain", or "frame", or "explain", or "rationalize", or "nationalistic-ize", in ways that got these criminals off the hooks each and every time.

Not so with the 9/11 Truth Movement...a PEOPLE'S MOVEMENT! I think that the 9/11TM is the most important movement that has ever existed in this country. Not because of where we are right now, and not because we may or may not get to the "Truth" behind the events of 9/11, but because we have regenerated the idea that Truth seeking is a good thing...that becoming informed is a good thing...that NOT trusting corporatocracy and coprorate media [and alternative medias] is a good thing...that being skeptical about politicians and their lies is a good thing...and hopefully, that changing our 60s-70s ways and becoming more involved in our own self-governance is a NECCESSARY thing.

There are new tools out here and the old guard KNOWS it is in deep trouble because the youth of today are far more adept at using them than the old longtooths themselves. And in some "larger view" ways, the youth of today are wiser and more onjective regarding world perspectives and "life's priorities" while in their "more informed" mid-20s than this OLD GUARD is in their mid-70s and mid-80s. Its an interesting thing that's going on...and it has skipped an entire generation...the 60s-70s activist generation...go figure! the revolution that the 9/11 Truth Movement is leading down the road for civilization! We have taken typical black ops designed to accomplish the "usual" to the people, and exposed them like no other black op has EVER been exposed. The 9/11 Truth Movement is the new sheriff in town...and we are passing out our "new info-age armaments" to the people saying...look for yourself and consider throwing these bums out...ALL OF THEM...and lets make some BIG changes from below!

Of the following issues, what has not been foisted upon us, or made worse by the concepts of, the support of, and the actions of war?

...the control of us by international financial structures...
...the fourth estate not being responsible to keep the public informed...
...human healthcare systems diminished in lieu of human DEATHCARE systems flourishing...
...the abuse of, and the pollution of, the planet...regarding both chemical and nuclear in weaponry...
...the continued subservance of females on the planet as less than equals...too busy fighting...have babies..

I'm sure I'm missing a few here...however...IF...

We become our OWN MODERN PEACE MOVEMENT...we will eventually get around the deeply compromised established anti-war organizations and other similar blockages, and tap into the better natures and objectives of the avergage person on this planet. Then, we can as a collective, do something about not only the short list noted above, but millions of other issues that "The Ruling Class" has been keeping away from our "prowess of solutions" for centuries. After all: "We can't handle the TRUTH!" Remember?

Its War and Peace Baby!...and in no time of history has there EVER been a better opprtunity, nor a better set of tools, human and otherwise, to get all the way back to the very foundations of the problems set into place centuries ago. THIS is why the Peace Organizations, as well as many activities within the 9/11 Truth Movement have been deeply COINTELPROED. Its BECAUSE of the amazingly powerful upside for revolution and change being presented by, and powered by, the 9/11 Truth Movement. If ever the peace movements get their act together, grow up, accept that they have been hacked for three decades, get laptops, have their grandchildren teach the how to use them, get on board into THIS century...then...The Ruling Class is in DEEP trouble...indeed. They know fuels their cointelpro ops...

So, the Zinn's of the world are OBVIOUSLY in the middle of being left behind...especially when one looks at how special and vital the likes of Peter Dale Scott and other's in the same generation who have "kept up with, embrace, and are speaking out about" this sordid history...the attacks of 9/11/2001. The Griffins, Peter Dale Scotts and so many others of that generation are growing right along with us...they are not drying on the vine like the Zinns and Chomskys.

From my view, the only real positive that will ever come from dealing with these dinosaurs is to get them on the record which, in the end, will show that over the years, they have become PART of the problem and not part of the solution.

Our job is to inform the ordinary? people IN SPITE of all these established barriers...and we can do it...UNLESS...

...unless we make the very same mistake that the activists of the 60s-70s made...and that is to complain to the "hiearchy of control" hoping to change their minds and then for them to act legislatively in our behalf. This is FOLLY!

The "Ruling Class" has to have their collectivised power reduced RADICALLY...we shoud decentralize our lives...people should become more involved in ourown governance by being constantly skeptical and observant.

And the ONLY way that "The Ruling Class" can be mitigated is by educating and empowering the people to act in their own behalfs and in spite of The Ruling Class.

Consequently, our work at bullhorning empty building...and hoping beyond all hope that IF we just get one "biggy" in academia or in the media to "flip" onto ourside, then everything will be better and we will then have "won" nothing but a remake of a calamitous mistake made by many generations of activists before us...most noteably the 60s-70s peace activists.

The ultimate truth is that if we want a better world WE, the citizens have to continuously work towards it...there are NO VACATIONS in making a better world. And if anyone knows any peace activists from the 60s-70s, or those who have been indoctruinated into the same "zombie mindset", it might be good to ask them into THIS century, head them to a laptop, and suggest that they END their vacations.

At least Zinn has stated what I'd like to hear regarding a new investigation...let ten solid citizens be assigned this task...and this is a good thing. For us to expect anything different from the majority of this generation, OR from representatives or "explainers" of the history of "The Ruling Class" is, I think, quite naive.

Additionally, we ourselves stand in hypocrisy when we scream aloud about the Zinns of the world state that there are "extreemists and zealots" in the 9/11 Truth Movement! How can we yap at him when we know about the Haupts, the Reynolds, the Fetzers and so many others who approach the Zinns as often if not more than WE approach the Zinns. We have thrown these nutcases away because we are more informed about the facts...these elders have not been inclined to do such research. Someday, they will regret this and we should simply take the position that they remain uninformed.

Just think about the OUTRAGEOUS statements now having been made by Chomsky and Zinn...basically "Who cares!"

YIKES...nuff said about them I'd say.

Believeing in the 9/11 Truth Movement is why I perform CI...Civil Informationing as often as I can...its the citizenry who are the ONLY ones in position to create the changes that we seek. PLEASE follow David Ray Griffin's advice here...STEP UP the information flow...STEP UP and improve the professionalized pressure for our "TOP TEN" investigators, STEP UP doing our deep research and doing what we do, and STEP UP 9/11 Truth Movement activities because the political environment is better now than it has ever been to keep the Truth flowing. Obama has stated he wants to hear opposing opinions...lets take him up on it...metaphorically speaking. If Obama says he is more open to listening, the perhaps citizens will be more open to listening. Obama's a tool...our success surely is not in his hands. Throw the BUMS out...and replace them with good citizens who in turn will be thrown out if they sour.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is revolutionizing revolution only IF we do not depend upon these academic and political relics, and only IF we do not repeat the mistakes from the past.

Take two hours out of your lives...see "Sir!, No Sir" for an hour, think about if for an hour, recognize that all the alleged successes of the "marching stuff" was a psy-op put into place by Nixon and his gang so as to WASTE all our time and also depend upon the hiearchy of power flowing into WDC to make changes. We are NOW on a far, far better track for revolution and we must avoid going backwards as happened after the 60s-70s. I just do not see how we can be successful by depending upon the Zinns, Chomskys, corporate media, and some allegedly "alternative media" to solve our problems and to reach our goals.

Its US BABY...and onto OUR FUTURE...which WE WILL SHAPE!

Love, Peace and Progress with:


...just for starters...

Robin Hordon

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

'Voters for Peace' adopt Civil Informationing principles

It appears someone has been paying attention to us and realizing that marching around in circles leads nowhere, regardless of how many marchers you have and how much you scream and yell. They seem to recognize that we must BE the media and that we must act locally, and civilly to be effective and to stop wasting time, energy and resources.

We think 9/11 Truth will do well to pay attention to this!

(Excerpt from an e-mail received from Voters for Peace)

Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 10:50:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Announcing the year's largest anti-war mobilization

September 15, 2008

Dear ....,

Be part of history.

This Tuesday, Voters for Peace will be participating in a historic press conference with 19 other national organizations announcing "Million Doors for Peace." Nearly 10,000 people have already signed up to participate in exponentially expanding the peace movement. On September 20, 2008 we all talk to our neighbors and sign them up to tell their elected officials to end the Iraq war and occupation now.

Be part of this effort. We need you to help build a peace movement that cannot be ignored by the next President and Congress.

Million Doors for Peace will be the year's largest anti-war mobilization. It is different from previous anti-war mobilizations because volunteers will be talking to people where they live instead of gathering in one place - such as the National Mall in Washington, D.C. - for a traditional protest. Most Americans oppose the war in Iraq, but have never been directly invited to participate in an anti-war action. By engaging people where they live, neighbor-on-neighbor, Million Doors for Peace will elevate the debate over the war and its costs. We will be asking our neighbors to sign the following petition to Congress:


For five years the anti-war community has protested, written letters, sent emails and made phone calls, and we haven't ended the war. We need to grow the anti-war movement, find NEW people who we haven't met yet, and those who haven't already made up their minds.

You'll be provided with a script, talking points and a walk list in your neighborhood. And, you will be part of a coordinated effort to build a peace movement that elected officials will be unable to ignore.


Kevin B. Zeese

VotersForPeace is a nonpartisan organization that does not support or oppose candidates for office.

2842 North Calvert Street
Baltimore, MD 21218

Copyright 2006 - 2008 VotersForPeace.US All rights reserved

Note: Bold emphasis added by 911 CI Blog. We do not necessarily support Voters for Peace and this post should not be construed as an endorsement. It's just food for thought, and we encourage thinking before you act. We feel this group is on the right track in terms of getting it's message out and being EFFECTIVE.

Friday, August 1, 2008

9/11 Truth, Civility, Respect and Peace - words by Peter Dale Scott, Will Thomas, Robin Hordon and Ian Woods

Closing comments from the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, 2007: Peter Dale Scott:

"One of the things that strikes me about this wonderfully receptive conference is that it could only have happened in Canada, and that's because of the receptivity here." Quotes Gandhi regarding truth: "In doing what we're doing we're aligning ourselves with a very powerful force that has been in civilization for a long time." Adds that "it's very important to reach out to other movements and not create an image of a self-defeating movement that's fighting within ourselves." If the peace movement hasn't yet realized the importance of 9/11, "don't blame them. Blame ourselves. It's our job to bring them that message."
Robin Hordon:
"Build bridges. That's what we need to do. What Canada can do for itself and for America . . you have two things we need: a better dialogue, help us talk about national health care. And by god, keep counting your paper ballots by hand. The thugs know they're small in number and we're big in number and that's why they've grabbed hold of those [voting] machines."
Will Thomas:
"Honoured to be among you who have come out and opened yourself to this information. I salute you. I come away with a renewed sense of urgency. Time is indeed very short. Within our organizations and families perhaps we should begin with the basic concept of respect. Disenfranchised people around the world just want to be heard. And that defuses the anger in those people. Let's remember there are a lot more of us than them, and nothing can withstand the power of truth. And plant gardens, in your yard and in your heart. I'm a doom and bloom guy. So let's bloom."
Ian Woods:
"I'm an optimist. I think we're going to be the leading edge of the new peace movement. We've got the passion and the backing of billions of people who are looking for a way out."
During his main presentation, Peter Dale Scott also said:
"The 9/11 movement is a movement that wants the truth. It cannot be said to be a movement that has the truth."
"My last pargraph is addressed to you in this room. If what I have said about peace and 9/11 has any meaning to you, then what you do in the months to come will be very important."
Quotes courtesy of Back of The Book:

Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22-24th, 2007 info and videos


This is dedicated to AJ and all his adoring, idolizing fans. Please realize that there are other voices within the 9/11 Truth Movement that you need to discover. The 9/11 Truth Movement does not belong to Mr. Jones. If you only listen to one voice (and perhaps those who copy cat him) you may just march off a cliff. He is NOT God, and while he defines the problems very well, he does not have all the answers, and I dare say (sacreligiously as it may sound to you AJ Fans) there is a big difference between 1776 and 2008.

Listen to your inner voice, think for yourself, make up your own mind, and use your own common sense.

And by the way, I was an ardent fan of his for many years and still occasionally tune in to hear certain guests. I don't question his sincerity, only his methods and solutions. There is no "one size fits all" solution to all problems we face, and 9/11 Truth is in a class of it's own, because it was a carefully engineered PsyOp. Do we wake up terrorized and mind controlled people by terrorizing them more and acting the way the enemies of truth hope that we act? I think not. It is a "no brainer". I would hope that someone with the AJ's smarts would get that, rather than whining and begging for help every time that a failed truther is tazed, beat up or jailed.

That does not mean we should not question and speak truth to power, in an articulate and informed fashion, but in dealing with the public, or when amongst the public, how we act reflects on all of us. If we are loud, disturbing, disruptive and arrogant, acting childish or looking like a gang of thugs, I don't see us gaining favour with the public (those who we need to inform) and get on board with us. In fact, it will more often than have the opposite affect and be used against by the enemies of truth.

If that is your goal to inform people, then it is a matter of common sense that we must use tried and true Sales, Marketing and PR techniques to sell people on the concept of "questioning 9/11" .... not yelling at them to "wake up!" (Of which I have written about previously on this blog and spoken about on a number of radio shows).

I have said it before and will say it again, I am NOT in the AJ movement. I am in the 9/11 Truth Movement. I have nothing to sell you and gain nothing from all my efforts. Like the vast majority of good, well intentioned activists out there - except that I hope to bring the facts about 9/11 to light in the interest of truth, justice, peace and a return to sanity in this world, and in the hope that we will stave off and stop the destruction of the world that the criminal, global elite have planned. This is not my chosen career. I would prefer to be doing other things, if I felt I had a choice.

Take action, but please, think before you act. What you do reflects on all us, like it or not.

Again, listen to the multitude of wise and experienced voices that are out there, and then listen to your own!

Wayne Prante

(I post with my real, full name, an my actions are well documented, so don't you "anons" accuse me of being an anon, arm chair critic).

PS Inspired by
‘Alex Jones Fan’ Charged for Placing 9/11 Stickers on Plane - Aug 1, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

9/11 was the FIRST LIE TO WAR

by Robin Hordon

That Scott McLellan writes a book asking "How did this happen...", and admits publicly that there was an ethos of lying and manipulation during the Bush Crime Family's [Malloy] tenure at the White House, exposes nothing to the average 9/11 Truth Seeker. However, from my own perspective of activism of over 40 years, my observations of corrupt US governments [most] and with my understandings of the events of 9/11 from my FAA air traffic controller-NORAD-piloting background, McLellan's book is desperately trying to set the brackets for dissecting the Bush Administration's track record. NOTHING happens in the reign of Karl Rove, (still the executor of electoral and other malfeasances), without a purpose that will serve all of that corrupt cabal down the road as they get exposed and perhaps indicted. They know that the cat is out of the bag, and believe it or not, McLellan's book is bracketing DAMAGE CONTROL and not any new admissions. This is because it's all been discovered already. What little Scotty is trying to do is to keep the investigations AWAY FROM 9/11.

9/11 is the biggest CRIME committed by the Bush Regime and it has not been as protected with clever wording and inside power actions that will enable the Bushies to squirm off the hook for going to war and violating everything. They really screwed up on this one. If we think that these thugs will get nailed for the violations and possible crimes that Scotty boy is hollering about, we will again be naive, and most likely dissapointed. Of course, then again, there is 9/11 Truth.

After I saw David Ray Griffin on C-SPAN, and then after Vanity Fair and Bronner came out with all their DISINFO, including the movie UA93, that were all designed to make the "world" look downstream or, "at later times in the day" regarding the timining of the events of the morning of 9/11, I knew that it was time for me to speak. I saw that the Pentagon, through their mouthpiece Bronner, was obviously trying to get the "world" to accept that NORAD was out of play until after all the buildings were struck, and after UA93 went down. I knew that the opposite was the truth and that some expository truths were residing in the "First Fifteen Minutes of September 11th, 2001." Jeremy Baker wrote an article, and eventually David Ray Griffin saw the benefits of reassessing these first fifteen minutes of 9/11 attacks, and brought them out to the public in his writings. Looking EARLIER in time is a good thing to do! We cannot accept Scotty's bracketing.

Eventually, once the 9/11TM pushes earlier and earlier into the Bush Regime's complicity into the events of 9/11, we will come to learn that Cheney was indeed holding some "terrorist meetings" once in office. Its just that they were NOT "anti-terrorist" meetings, they were the opposite. The way that I see it, that's when the secretive planning really ramped up, and where the military and intel community skids were greased for noteable changes such as the June change to scramble protocol preferences and all the blockages to intel were established. And PLEASE, never forget Burlingame and the earlier planning scenarios for a Pentagon attack by a hijacked airliner...this puppy will hunt some day! [We even have eerie pictures of the inside ring...]

McLellan'sbook provides the 9/11 Truth Movement with both an opportunity and a significant responsibility that will require all of us to keep the "world" looking at the events BEFORE the Bush Regime used the events of 9/11 to go to war. He used 9/11 as another False-Flag-Attack to manipulate this country to go to war. ... Now, isn't THAT a nice place to start, with the planning of the events of 9/11? Hey, somebody had to do it because this country, as usual, wasn't at all interested in going too yet another unpopular war and the technology in Afghani caves was a bit behind the times. How could OBL interrupt radar signals from Tora Bora? I just don't know. Anyway, the Bushies simply had to make going to yet another uncalled for war into a popular idea. Thankfully for the neocons, the US military had long ago developed the "psy-ops" experience and skill sets to be able accomplish this. [ ...along with some PR and legal firms in WDC...see "Sir! No Sir"...and then apply what we Truthers have learned about psy-ops...and the entire picture of the effectiveness of the 60s-70s protest movements changes dramatically. The HI PERPS still want us to be unproductive with our centralized "gatherings".]

So, what to do?

I strongly suggest that we consider emphasizing that the events of 9/11/2001 were just another in a long series of "False-Flag Attacks" against this country that have been used historically to motivate, coerce and justify the USofA's engagement in, or ramping up of, a series of wars that the citizens had no interest in executing.

There is much more to be gained by changing the black-anarchistic leaning clothing, the screaming at "sheeple", the standard signs and worn out mantras of: "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" and "REINVESTIGATE 9/11" with: "9/11 WAS ANOTHER FALSE FLAG ATTACK"...and take the softer presence and more open respectful conversations from there. This change will build bridges to the people of peace that have not been compromised by the leadership of the peace movements, and it will create a very important and positive discussion, and hopefully, some education with and amongst the USofA's populace.

I also suggest that our think tanks get their caps on and somehow come up with a phrase that enunciates that "9/11 WAS THE FIRST LIE". The timing is perfect for this positioning.
[I understand the Supreme Court thing, so please do not nit-pick here..I'm talking marketing and changing our public face.]

So, Scotty McLellan asks "What Happened", and begins to expose the truth...HMMM..sounds like a TRUTHER...but he is not. He is just as guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors as are Cheney, Rummy, Meyers and other high ranking Generals in the Pentagon, Bush and all the neocons...
Should an average "overloaded citizen" ask what they should do, or how they can help, I suggest that if they don't have the time to really dig in, that they work on some simple stuff like:


...or, for them to do something more this year than they did last year in running our own governance...

Finally, I believe that we are responsible to try to help prevent another False Flag Attack that will affect the governance of the USofA. Its my position that the best way to accomplish this is by promulgating a national dialogue about False Flag Attacks. Please join me on our street corners and elsewhere...we still have some educating to do!

Robin Hordon

Friday, May 9, 2008

Civil Informationing vs. Last Century's "60's Style Protest Tactics"

Civil Informationing

By Robin Hordon

May 9th, 2008

The 9/11 Civil Info Blog

The concept of "Civil Informationing" came to my mind when I was involved in planning and executing several typical anti-war protests against the upcoming and ensuing war in Iraq while living in Reno, NV in 2002, 2003 and 2004. What stood out to me THIS time around is that NOW we had the Internet...we were only doing the exact same "dated" things that were developed 40 years earlier (again!) And there was not very much integration between the "Internet and Information age", the people protesting in the streets, and the citizens observing our actions. What was frustrating was that although the VAST MAJORITY of feedback was against the war [interesting AYE?], citizens walked and drove past without becoming more informed about what was going on.

It was clear to me that activists' "public protest tactics" needed a change...a complete overhaul...because the "age old" models of protest activities were clearly not working in spite of the fact that we had some new tools at our disposal. In the years since, more and more excellent videos, DVDs, You Tubes, handouts and other "teaching tools" have been developed...mostly at the hand of many wonderful 9/11 Truth activists. YET, the confrontational "challenge authority street actions" have remained exactly the same as they were some 40 years ago.

Civil Informationing (CI) was developed to bring the best of the 60s forward, [such as the great power and wonderful hearts of concerned citizenry and the willingness of those folks to stand up in public to voice their opposition], and to integrate it all with the new millennium's "information age" educational potentials found everywhere within the Internet and videos.

Below are some points-counterpoints and perhaps some suggestions about what CI is all about. But first, a very clear statement:

Neither myself, nor Civil Informationing, nor any of the gang in the 9/11 Civil Info Blogspot take any credit for the process of being "polite" to others. Being polite and respectful are well developed and successful behaviors that have worked well for centuries. However, we will take credit for reminding activists that maybe, right now, at this stage of the game, being polite is the best way to behave in public when trying to influence and educate our neighbors in positive ways to join us in making a change.


Civil Informationing...

...understands that for a democracy to work, citizens need to be properly informed with the truth, and that existing public education and corporate media are deliberately dumbing down and misinforming students and the public respectively. Bad commercial TV speaks eloquently for itself as a contributor to the decline of worldly awareness.

At this stage of the game, most folks will actually trust their neighbors over their governments, [unless they dress like a "Cat in the Hat on Stilts...(Taibi)", as images of the 60s and 70s remind us]. Consequently, the value of having good information to hand out, being friendly, and having a smile and a handy "How Ya doin?"...goes a far longer distance in public relations than does marching, chanting, confronting and raging through the streets. Most folks do not trust the government, and the 9/11 Truth Movement simply hands out information and asks that each person "decide for themselves". This is a very good and respectful way to go...and it is something very different from what is commonly available from corporate media, corporate advertising, dishonest politicians and their paid consultants.

Last Century's Tactics...

...were designed to attract the corporate media's attention to whatever cause was at hand. This very process rewarded the more extreme behaviors in groups and in individuals so that "the issues" would be placed on the front page thus informing the public. Truth be told, such extreme behaviors ended up alienating "John and Jane Doe" because most folks simply do not want to be "disobedient", nor do they want to be "confrontational"...but they really do want to be good citizens. And now, most want to make a change. So, it is of no surprise that the numbers of participants in such major marches eventually diminished greatly. I argue that they were driven away by the bad behaviors and CD expectations of the remaining more radical activists.

Its my belief that this element of the 60s protests, the dependence upon the corporate media to spread the word, remains the single weakest link in the entire battery of last century's activisms. Depending upon the corporate media to get one's message out proved to be very easily controlled by the corporate media itself because they simply were able to chose to NOT cover it, or, they would under-report the events, or, more importantly, they would spin the entire story away from the facts, truths and original objectives. They would simply create their own self serving story [insert Operation Mockingbird here...]. And of course, when the corporate media acted this way, it both angered and discouraged activists simultaneously. Game-Set-Match goes to the corporate media...and going home broke, frustrated and unsuccessful goes to the "huge march"goers... our beloved activists.

Anyway, moving ahead into THIS millennium, being out in public performing CI on routine schedules in busy places while handing out our VIRAL information is surely a slower process than it would be IF the corporate media were to blast our 9/11 Truth story, but, CI is flat out unstoppable...a classic rabbit-tortoise race! Also, CI supports all the elements of alternative media that are springing up everywhere nowadays. Our new information age is certainly "fertile", and I encourage folks who are creating such alternative media venues to join us out there in their local neighborhoods and hand out some of your own stuff!

BEING MORE LOCAL vs. "March of the Penguins"

If one does look into the stunning documentary "Sir! No Sir", and can view it objectively, one might see that the HI PERPS [Nixon and the Military Industrial Complex etc.] had to change the real story about why Vietnam ended. They lost the ability to execute their ground war because they lost control of the ground troops as the GIs eventually figured it all out and began killing their own commanders instead of killing the Vietnamese. After some thought it becomes clear that the HI PERPS actually WANTED protesters to travel to distant places, to spend all sorts of their assets, to assemble in great numbers, to march in front of nobody but themselves in WDC, and critically, to come to think that this process actually was the MAJOR factor in ending the war. And the icing on the cake, the protesters would go back home thinking that their "Mission was Accomplished" when actually, it wasn't..

One of the reasons that the HI PERPS did this was because eventually, they knew that they would gain control the media coverage. Consider the Grenada-Panama-Gulf War I sequence of increased control of the media and you can see that after Vietnam, the military HAD to do something about the free press. Please understand that I FULLY understand that the GIs would NOT have been as confident to take their own life saving actions without all the Peace marches, what we did was certainly important. However, in the end, all the "marches" were able to be made "invisible"...much like "The March of the Penguins" would be invisible, and thusly, under-reported, IF there were no cameras set up in Antarctica to see the critical event. No March of the Penguins. No news March of the Activists. It remains this way today.

In conclusion, since if the truth about the soldiers solving their own problems in Vietnam would have undermined the authority structures within the military for decades to come, as well as to give clear instruction for future generations of soldiers on what to do if they were involved in an unjust war, maybe the 60s activists have been "psy-oped" as to their successes similar to the way that the world was 'psy-oped" with the events of 9/11/2001 ...the truth being one thing, and the imagery and popularized folklore being another. Maybe Nixon was just playing his role when the famous story about him seeing the hundreds of thousands of protesters outside his window and being "afraid of them" was circulated. Maybe he was not telling the truth to the American public?

So the overall point here...

CI calls for... more local... more frequent... more "inexpensive"... always legal... always cooperative... always polite...always respectful... and more "public" displays of activism that take place not at a distance from citizens [like peace vigils], but instead, amongst and interactive with people right in the middle of the busiest "people and vehicle" places one can find. The consistent and more frequent schedule allows our fellow citizens in our own towns get to "see" that something is really happening in their towns, that someone is motivated enough to speak out against our government, that the gathering is polite, respectful and welcoming, and that the schedule allows for their occasional involvement, if so desired.

In adopting this approach by the CI activists, the average citizen comes to see that a few of their fellow citizens feel quite strongly about something, and that they are giving out "information" that asks that we all seek the truth, to become more active in our democracies, and that the public event is non-threatening. This is all good stuff.

DECENTRALIZE...and...RECENTRALIZE...lets get personal...lets get political...

The process of Civil Informationing brings a citizen's responsibility for involvement in sustaining their own governments back to themselves. Both the "representative style" of our democracies? AND the protest activities of the 60s transfer responsibility to someone else to enact what "the people want". Clearly this has not worked as our elected representatives have been bought out, or, are representing the upper classes of citizens,or both. The environmental movement and the anti-nuke movements have remained successful because they have kept informing people about such issues for the last 40 years...not so with the peace movements. And when the anti-war "cats" went away from WDC, the "rats" came to play...and now, WDC is crawling with rats...rats that we have elected again and again.

The Internet brings the both the "world" and our fellow citizens right to our fingertips as we can gather whatever we want from the net on our own schedules. And, we can now "meet up and gather" with whomever we want to meet up with...but virtually.However... performing CI in local communities puts a "human face" on the electronic wizardry and tentacles of the Internet. This is why there are so many "Thank yous" offered by citizens to me and other CI activists when we take to the streets in the MODERN way. The citizens do care, and we show that we also care... and that we are unafraid to be out in public.

In an odd way, the peace marches of the 60s was another example of transferring our individual power to the hierarchy of those atop the peace groups whom we entrusted the same responsibility to make changes just as we expected our elected officials to make changes. We marched and went home thinking something was going to happen with our opinions and we voted and went home thinking that something was going to happen with our opinions. We have allowed our own personal power and responsibilities to be "centralized" in far away places and sorta lost track.

With the Internet and its power to allow us to "meet-up" virtually, we can take back our own process of educating and organizing ourselves. We can, and are DECENTRALIZING the powers within WDC and RECENTRALIZING them right on out laptops at the end of the web world's tentacles. Practicing CI personalizes the Internet and brings human beings out meeting human beings in neighborly ways that brings the beginning of meaningful changes right to our towns and cities. As citizens become more and more involved with the "virtual meet-ups" of their interest, there will be a HUGE difference between the 60s protests and the new millennium's modern public activisms. The 60s protests mostly changed opinions but failed to remain or become a political force for major change, the modern activisms are becoming a very powerful political force because citizens are becoming informed, and slowly, we are regaining control of our abilities to give or withhold our consents. This is a good thing and it will not go away. Just ask the 14-30 year olds.

DO NOT ARGUE WITH FOOLS...of perhaps "agent provocateurs"...

The single major difference between 60s marches and gatherings, other than the size and locations, and CI, is that the entire concept of CI...being CIVIL and being INFORMATIONAL calls for NOT confronting or loudly arguing with those with whom one disagrees. Persons conducting CI simply terminate any engagement with those who would disrupt the event or loudly disagree. CIers express that its great that we live in countries that allow a difference of opinions and that they hope this person has a nice day. “Co-mingling” the PEACE SYMBOLS or the words of PEACE at the event allow for no words to be said if need be, and only the two fingers flashing a "peace hand sign" to be held up as your answer. Some folks with strong opposite positions will surely make some type of "scene", and they can be asked to leave you alone because they came to see you and not vice-versa.

Actually, we want the opposite of confrontations or loud arguments to be the order of the day. If other citizens see your 9/11-PEACE Civil Informationing presentation and note that friendly conversations are happening, and see that there is willing sharing of information with the citizenry where a CIer is standing, then a POSITIVE image is being presented which makes for more POSITIVE vibes and meetings with citizens.

When one argues with a fool, or a person with a strong opposite opinion, a few things might happen...

First......the entire event is allowed to be "uncivil" and thusly becomes confrontational in lieu of informational which is the primary goal...

Second...if one argues with a fool or angry person long enough, innocent bystanders will not know which person in the argument is the fool... may have been "cointelproed" because this tactic is well established as a technique used to undermine public activisms...

Fourth.....if you loose control of the emotions and begin to reach downward to produce "answers from the gutter", you will be in the gutter...

Fifth........if you allow the peaceful event to become rowdy, you asked to leave or move, receive a citation, or cause a huge hassle...

The well established interactive "habits and attitudes" from the 60s calls for the exact OPPOSITE activity to take place when one deals with a person or persons. In fact, CD and protesters from the 60s and 70s, and their heirs since, usually were quick to respond to people holding opposite opinions by confronting, if not pouncing on them creating the confrontational "scenes" that make it to the news cycles.

When one uses the approaches developed in the 60s and 70s to deal with those who oppose, several things happen... amazing amount of energy and time is wasted on someone who will never change their mind anyway...John Dean's 25% of morons...

Second...the average citizen will now steer clear of the CI event because they do not want to be involved with the confrontation...

Third.......the only INFORMATION being shared is that there are bad things associated with the 9/11 Truth and PEACE movements... is possible that your friendly "cointelpro" or "agent provocateur" has had his or her way with you...

Fifth........if the situation does break down, THAT will be what is seen in the news cycle which of course, is the goal of the cointelpros...

In the end, there is a "turn the other cheek" thing going on here...and it is well worth it to do so. Eventually, your peace fingers, smiles and refusal to respond to the "provocateur's" verbal assaults will cause those persons to go away. AND, your esteem in the eyes of an average citizen will greatly rise. In this way one can take a difficult situation and turn it completely around to our favor. Experience will grow in accomplishing this.

COINTELPRO THIS!...CI as a natural disinfectant...

There are two places that "cointelpro" usually has access to undermine activist movements, and there are two rather distinct "behaviors" and "looks" of such agent provocateurs...

Friendly Fire: Friendly looking and acting people who are in on the organizing and planning of events who quietly influence the plans to "walk the line" between legal and illegal behaviors, or between nonviolent and violent behaviors, or the most difficult one to notice, between "achievable goals" and foolish or “unreachable goals” that are designed to fail.

Unfriendly Fire: These folks are the "sleepers" in public group activities who secretively keep suggesting that "the gang" do more and more aggressive things...its the crowd mentality thing...and in the end, nobody really knows who it was that suggested that the actions get "ramped up".

By contrast, Civil Informationing is a concept whose goals are to NOT be disruptive, law breaking, confrontational, or aggressive in public. Its designed as the opposite. Game, set match goes to CI because the planning is already done, because the goals of the event are already established, and the behaviors of all the Civil Informationers is firmly established.

Cointelpro and agent provocateurs are exposed immediately because they stand out so clearly. There is no cover for these creeps in the CI actions.

So, in closing...

"All I am sayyyyying give CI a chaaaance"

And you are very lucky that I'm not singing these words to you ;-)

Thank you for your time...9/11 TRUTH and PEACE

Robin Hordon

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Seattle C.I. on the 11th of April

Robin Hordon reports:

Today, 4/11/2008, I chose to stand outside SAFECO FIELD in downtown Seattle where the Seattle Mariners were playing the LA Angles. Here are the numbers of people who had a GREAT opportunity to SEE my... "9/11 truth-partners in-PEACE" banner and attachments:

...9/11 was a FALSE FLAG ATTACK...
...ITS THE 11th...SEEK PEACE...
View / Download here (PDF)

Both ways on the ferry ride....400 folks...
At the ballpark...5,000-7,000 folks...
on the walk to-fro Safeco...1000 pedestrians and motorists... it about 7,000 folks getting a glimpse and a good thought about 9/11 and peace...and all in a "four hour" period of time...

...handed out about 50 1/4 page info flyers [attached and created specific to Seattle issues]...
...had three terrific positive conversations... seven "thank you for being here-you are doing a great job" comments... one woman IN MY FACE as she asked for my info to explain my deal...which she read...and then "pursed it", and quietly walked away... only one "perfect middle finger" from a pretty young white woman...pretty middle finger-pretty young woman...a brain spin...

...had a short conversation with one of our "Al Queda fighters" where he said that they were tough...

...and I said that I knew this because the USofA intelligence agencies had created them to be that way...

...and he walked away simply depressed and DEAD on his feet...PTSD frommy view...

...any young teenagers thinking of serving should have an opportunity to chat with this "dead man walking"...

Didn't have enough energy to walk three miles to close a "Dave Matthews-Dhali Llama" concert [sp] at the Key Arena...but they probably get it anyway...

Just another rewarding day out at CI ranch...caught some sun too...

Robin Hordon

Monday, April 7, 2008

9/11 Civil Info Sunday In Seattle, April 6th

April 6th, 2008
Seattle, WA

Robin Hordon (who is still having some PC probs) reports ...

I had another great session at Kingston Ferry...handed out all my remaining DVDs...and may have found another fellow who wants to join in...we will see...only got two thumbs down versus three hundred positives...including about FIVE direct "thank yous" for being out there...way cool...

[the "killem alls" are even reverse protesting with less vigor now that the tables have turned against them]


Monday, March 31, 2008

Lt. Col. Bob Bowman Urges Civility

Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, speaking on Kevin Barrett's "9/11 and Empire" radio show on WTPRN Radio Network, Dec. 11th, 2007 in Hour 1 of this 2 hour show.

Dr. Bob Bowman urges activists to "be as professional, responsible and courteous as possible, as opposed to obnoxious, if we're going to make more inroads!" (ie civility)

Partial Transcript follows.
Kevin Barrett:
"The last time you were on the show, we talked about, the question of, how to get up in the faces of people in public, to raise the issues of 9/11 (and they are being suppressed everywhere) and since then, there have been all sorts of these events in which people, ranging from Bill and Hillary Clinton, to of course Rudy Giuliani (who gets 9/11 Truth people in his face everywhere he shows it) to even Bill Maher, who was interrupted on live TV. And in fact, I actually rather politely did question Amy Goodman about Building 7 on a very popular YouTube video. So, you know, last time you were arguing that people bullhorning Amy Goodman were barking up the wrong tree. Ah, can you sort of reiterate your thoughts on this issue, of how to confront people in public, given that this is the 11th of the month, and people all over the world have been out doing public actions for 9/11 Truth visibility ?

Bob Bowman:
"Yeah, I think we have to do public actions. I think we have to make our voices heard. But the establishment has tried to paint us as a bunch of kooks and wild-eyed crazies, and, we don't want to come across that way. And I think that, by being just as professional and responsible as we possibly can, and courteous, we're going to make more inroads than if we get obnoxious. Now, you know, I would be very tempted myself to get obnoxious with Rudy Giuliani, I think he deserves it. But I think for example that, to get obnoxious with Bill Clinton is a losing proposition, because, let's face it, he is a very popular guy, and I don't think we're gonna win friends that way. So I think we have to be very careful, very selective, and very thoughtful in deciding what actions to go forward with."

Audio Clip: Barrett_Bowman.mp3
Col. Robert Bowman, PhD, U.S. Air Force (ret) – Director of Advanced Space Programs Development under Presidents Ford and Carter. U.S. Air Force fighter pilot with over 100 combat missions. (PhD in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering, Cal Tech). Former Head of the Department of Aeronautical Engineering and Assistant Dean at the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology. 22-year Air Force career. Also taught Mathematics and English at the University of Southern California, the University of Maryland, and Phillips University.

Website: advocates "Civility"

A Commitment to More Civil and Effective Collaboration in the 9/11 Truth Movement

"Because we still lack subpoena and discovery powers, members of the 9/11 truth movement and American citizens as a whole will not be able to fully connect the "dots" of 9/11 events until key classified documents and videos are leaked or released. In the meantime, many of us will develop theories about those events and what really occurred. Given the incompleteness of the facts at hand, our theories will invariably differ. They therefore can and should be sincerely discussed and analyzed, but this debate must not obscure the reality that the investigative tasks we face still remain extremely challenging.

We believe our campaign to expose the truth of 9/11 offers the world more essential insights into current political and economic reality than any other modern movement and therefore can empower the most profound social transformation of our age. This work is far too important to debilitate with egotism, zealotry or self-inflicted wounds, and we must make every effort to sustain the unprecedented progress we have made.

Because the 9/11 truth movement presents grave moral, legal and political threats to those in power, we would be naïve to not anticipate covert governmental intervention in our activities and attempts to divide, disrupt and discredit us by promoting hateful or repellant theories and sowing internal discord. Indeed, the greatest risk these forces pose to our work is not espionage or disinformation; it is the provocation of destructive mistrust between authentic activists.

We the undersigned therefore commit ourselves to work together towards our greater goals with the least possible rancor and internal strife. We agree to reject ad hominem denunciations and attacks upon others' motives, and focus our critical attention upon the logic, factual evidence and probability supporting certain hypotheses instead. Our ultimate goal must be the full disclosure of 9/11 truth, which is disserved by factional warfare on behalf of partial points of view. We will strive to fill in the gaps of the evidentiary record, so that facts dictate our conclusions rather than conjecture or emotional charges and appeals.

Finally, since we ourselves must embody the societal changes we wish to see, we vow to continue our work with fierce devotion, but also with mutual respect, selflessness and above all, honesty."

9-11 Research Advocates Civility

"Given the high visibility of the websites,, and, it is not surprising that their URLs would be turning up in many places as a result of entirely independent efforts. We commend the work of individuals to promote these websites and thereby increase the reach of the information they contain. At the same time, we urge people to undertake such promotion in a way that is respectful and intelligent.

9-11 Research has received several complaints from ungrateful recipients of literature mentioning it. We even received a report of graffiti spelling out the companion site It is tempting to think that the urgency of the message justifies intrusive campaigning methods. However, such methods are likely to be counterproductive. We recommend handing out literature, such as we provide here, as the best way of distributing it.

In early 2006 we became aware of a number of incidents connecting promotion of these websites with militance and vulgarity. We strongly discourage such tactics and note that they are counterproductive to our educational mission. We describe some of the incidents we have learned of on pages with specific disclaimers. "

(Jim Hoffman)