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9/11 Truth, Civility, Respect and Peace - words by Peter Dale Scott, Will Thomas, Robin Hordon and Ian Woods

Closing comments from the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, 2007: Peter Dale Scott:

"One of the things that strikes me about this wonderfully receptive conference is that it could only have happened in Canada, and that's because of the receptivity here." Quotes Gandhi regarding truth: "In doing what we're doing we're aligning ourselves with a very powerful force that has been in civilization for a long time." Adds that "it's very important to reach out to other movements and not create an image of a self-defeating movement that's fighting within ourselves." If the peace movement hasn't yet realized the importance of 9/11, "don't blame them. Blame ourselves. It's our job to bring them that message."
Robin Hordon:
"Build bridges. That's what we need to do. What Canada can do for itself and for America . . you have two things we need: a better dialogue, help us talk about national health care. And by god, keep counting your paper ballots by hand. The thugs know they're small in number and we're big in number and that's why they've grabbed hold of those [voting] machines."
Will Thomas:
"Honoured to be among you who have come out and opened yourself to this information. I salute you. I come away with a renewed sense of urgency. Time is indeed very short. Within our organizations and families perhaps we should begin with the basic concept of respect. Disenfranchised people around the world just want to be heard. And that defuses the anger in those people. Let's remember there are a lot more of us than them, and nothing can withstand the power of truth. And plant gardens, in your yard and in your heart. I'm a doom and bloom guy. So let's bloom."
Ian Woods:
"I'm an optimist. I think we're going to be the leading edge of the new peace movement. We've got the passion and the backing of billions of people who are looking for a way out."
During his main presentation, Peter Dale Scott also said:
"The 9/11 movement is a movement that wants the truth. It cannot be said to be a movement that has the truth."
"My last pargraph is addressed to you in this room. If what I have said about peace and 9/11 has any meaning to you, then what you do in the months to come will be very important."
Quotes courtesy of Back of The Book:

Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22-24th, 2007 info and videos


This is dedicated to AJ and all his adoring, idolizing fans. Please realize that there are other voices within the 9/11 Truth Movement that you need to discover. The 9/11 Truth Movement does not belong to Mr. Jones. If you only listen to one voice (and perhaps those who copy cat him) you may just march off a cliff. He is NOT God, and while he defines the problems very well, he does not have all the answers, and I dare say (sacreligiously as it may sound to you AJ Fans) there is a big difference between 1776 and 2008.

Listen to your inner voice, think for yourself, make up your own mind, and use your own common sense.

And by the way, I was an ardent fan of his for many years and still occasionally tune in to hear certain guests. I don't question his sincerity, only his methods and solutions. There is no "one size fits all" solution to all problems we face, and 9/11 Truth is in a class of it's own, because it was a carefully engineered PsyOp. Do we wake up terrorized and mind controlled people by terrorizing them more and acting the way the enemies of truth hope that we act? I think not. It is a "no brainer". I would hope that someone with the AJ's smarts would get that, rather than whining and begging for help every time that a failed truther is tazed, beat up or jailed.

That does not mean we should not question and speak truth to power, in an articulate and informed fashion, but in dealing with the public, or when amongst the public, how we act reflects on all of us. If we are loud, disturbing, disruptive and arrogant, acting childish or looking like a gang of thugs, I don't see us gaining favour with the public (those who we need to inform) and get on board with us. In fact, it will more often than have the opposite affect and be used against by the enemies of truth.

If that is your goal to inform people, then it is a matter of common sense that we must use tried and true Sales, Marketing and PR techniques to sell people on the concept of "questioning 9/11" .... not yelling at them to "wake up!" (Of which I have written about previously on this blog and spoken about on a number of radio shows).

I have said it before and will say it again, I am NOT in the AJ movement. I am in the 9/11 Truth Movement. I have nothing to sell you and gain nothing from all my efforts. Like the vast majority of good, well intentioned activists out there - except that I hope to bring the facts about 9/11 to light in the interest of truth, justice, peace and a return to sanity in this world, and in the hope that we will stave off and stop the destruction of the world that the criminal, global elite have planned. This is not my chosen career. I would prefer to be doing other things, if I felt I had a choice.

Take action, but please, think before you act. What you do reflects on all us, like it or not.

Again, listen to the multitude of wise and experienced voices that are out there, and then listen to your own!

Wayne Prante

(I post with my real, full name, an my actions are well documented, so don't you "anons" accuse me of being an anon, arm chair critic).

PS Inspired by
‘Alex Jones Fan’ Charged for Placing 9/11 Stickers on Plane - Aug 1, 2008

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Steve Poole said...

In this, and all other ages of COINTELPRO it is more likely this misguided fool is (a) the victim of a rapacious and prevaricative media or (b) a provocateur who's merely a disruptive plant whose sole raison d'etre is to discredit and criminalize the 'movement'. We who are earnestly in pursuit of the Truth should author and adopt a Charter of Information Dissemination Methodology and stay within the framework of said Charter. The buffoons and clods that fall outside the parameters will be disavowed and cut loose. We face a lengthy and mighty challenge ahead and need to retain our resolve through integrity and civility. Period. It worked for Gandhi, it is working for the Dalai Lama and it will work for us.

Keep up the great work Wayne, Robin et al at 911 Civil Info.